Protections of timber structures (gypsum boards and others) - failure times and start of charring
Alar Just

Shared logic for creating value-added in wooden multistorey construction: comparison of three projects from Finland
Anne Toppinen

Digital Craftsmanship: Growing Buildings as Eco-Systems
Arthur Mamou-Mani

Current trends and developments in Building Information Modelling
Arto Kiviniemi

Climate-KIC -Wood Construction in Climate Change Mitigation
Chiara Piccardo

Reciprocal Frames in Mass Timber. New Applications of a Historic Building Technique
David Bowick - Shannon Hilchie

Potential of cross-laminated timber as independent shear wall system
Eero Tuhkanen

Fire regulations based on justified performance for multi-storey timber buildings
Esko Mikkola

Recent developments and applications of LVL the potential?
Frank Werling

Institutional and policy frameworks shaping the Wooden Multi-Storey Construction markets: A comparative case study on Austria and Finland
Heini Vihemäki

Wooden buildings as carbon storages – mitigation or oration?
Henrik Heräjärvi

The sustainability performance of wooden construction products in a nutshell
Holger Wallbaum

LVL Handbook presentation
Jouni Hakkarainen

Consumers’ perceptions on the properties of wood affecting their willingness to live in and prejudices against houses made of timber
Katja Lähtinen

SwecoTimberHack: clarifying structural timber design dataflows for parametric and AI-enabled design
Katja Rodionova

A new truss concept for a targeted use of spruce glulam and beech LVL
Matthias Frese

LVL the big picture
Matti Kairi

Construction at crossroads: How to prepare for the Anthropocene?
Matti Kuittinen

Environmental impact assessment of CLT and glulam in two residential nearly Zero Energy Buildings
Nicola Lolli

Forests in climate change mitigation and sustainable bioeconomy
Pekka Leskinen

Active bending in timber structures: Two case studies
Philip Tidwell

Properties of Axially-Loaded Self-Tapping Screws Applied in Hardwood
Reinhard Brandner

Moisture induced stresses in glulam beams of timber bridges. Case-study: Vihantasalmi Bridge
Stefania Fortino

CLT-concrete-composite floors: serviceability considerations and shear reinforcements
Tannert Thomas

Recent developments in the standardization of LVL and of wood based panels
Tomi Toratti

Algorithmic experiences in wood design
Toni Österlund